IASS: International Association for Shell and Spatial Structures


IASS is a non-profit Association founded by the Engineer Eduardo Torroja in 1959. Its goal is the achievement of further progress through an inter-change of ideas among all those interested in lightweight structural systems such as lattice, tension, membrane, and shell structures.

Concrete shell structures

Fields of interest

  • Structural Engineering and Architecture
  • Structures covering spaces as sport stadiums, exhibition halls, gardens, churches, etc.
  • Concrete Shells, frames, structures of bars, textil structures of wood, and cables, mast and towers, etc

Wood structures

Journal of the IASS

The Journal of the IASS in printed and electronic versions is published quarterly and distribute to all members

Structures of bars

IASS Journal Covers

Textil Structures

Structural new shapes

Cable Structures

Structural Morphology

Glass Structures

Inflatable Structures

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